Steven Spielberg, Life History of Steven Spielberg, Biography of Steven Spielberg.

        A person who doesn’t need any introduction to the lovers of English movies is Steven Spielberg. He is a producer and writer of English movies and was born in America in 1946. Steven is fond of stories right from the childhood, His father Arnold used to say the science fiction movies and make Steven to sleep in the night at his childhood. One day Steven was gifted with a movie camera by Oscar, with that camera at the age of thirteen Steven made a short film and won a prize in the school. At the age of sixteen he wrote the script of the film “FireLight” (A Science Fiction Movie) and directed it.
        By seeing the movie people around Steven appreciated his abilities, Right from then he has developed his passion in making and directing films. At the age of nineteen he discontinued to going to college and went to Universal Studios. In this period he worked as a guest in the editing department for some time. Even though he is producing TV programs, he was attracted by the film industry.
With the name of his own film “Amblin” he started a production company with the same name and made the movie “JAWS” in the year 1975. “JAWS” was a biggest hit at the Box Office. The Horror produced by the killer shark in the movie “JAWS” attracted audience all over the world. “JAWS” made him the youngest Multi Millionaire in the world. “JAWS” also made the concept of Summer Block Buster famous all around the World.
        The Next movie of Steven is “CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND” was greatest in the year 1977. This movie was made from the experiences of the people who said that they have seen Aliens. This movie was a true CLASSIC. The special effects in this movie made the people Mesmerized all around the world. It was absolutely not necessary to mention about ET (Extra Terrestrial) movie. In this story a Alien will be saved by the small kid in the movie and the friendship made between them is Simply Extraordinary Narration.
        The Movies which are made in the series of Action and Adventure “Indiana Jones” is also Super Hit. The movie which is made as a combination of Animation and Action “Roger Rabbit” is Phenomenal. In 1993 the Movie “Jurassic Park” became the movie which got Highest Collections in the Box Office History. The animations produced by Steven’s friend George by his Studios “MAGIC” in this movie made the film really a big success. The movie “SCHINDLERS LIST” directed by Steven in the same year gave him TWO OSCARS. The Third Oscar was given him to another film named “Saving Private Riya”.
        Steven made his movies mostly in the categories Science fiction, Horror, Adventure, Terrorism and War. He made his every film as a new sensation and became a role model to the people producing and directing new categories of films. He made his name as a Brand name in the film industry.